Smart Homes Leeds

Smart Homes Leeds

Smart Technology For Your New-Build Home

Want to come home to a warm, bright house, with your choice of music playing, the lighting set just to your liking and a home-cooked meal simmering in the oven, then settle down to enjoy your favourite film? Eclipse Smart Solutions have the products, skills and experience to work alongside your architect and building team and deliver exactly the level of smart home technology you desire.

The best time to install smart technology is no doubt at the first fix stage of the building process so we work with you and your architect early on in the project to ensure audio-visual, climate, lighting and security control are all considered as part of the design process.


Eclipse Smart Solutions use wireless broadband and the latest audio equipment to stream music from your computer (or music server) to listen to all over the house. We only use DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatible components to ensure successful streaming.

Most familys have eclectic tastes in mnusic, a multi-room audio system is usually the answer. Family members can listen to the radio, internet radio, web audio services such as Spotify, CDs or music files from networked PCs whenever they like without disturbing each other. NuVo Technologies provide technology which can consolidate, organise, store and distribute PC-based audio content, using ‘cloud synchronisation’.

Smart TVs

Eclipse Smart Solutions install Smart TVs which are internet enabled and use your home broadband connection to access online entertainment, video clips and favourite photos, all operated from your remote control. If you don’t own a Smart TV already, you can still enjoy internet TV by using a network media player and your home broadband with a wireless router.

Home Cinema

For all the fun of a trip to the movies while staying home, Eclipse Smart Solutions can install a full home cinema system. This typically comprises a receiver and Blu-ray player as well as a subwoofer and multiple mini satellite speakers, ready to connect to your 3D TV. Or for the full experience, set up a screening room where, at the push of a button, the lights dim, a screen and projector drop from the ceiling and the evening’s entertainment begins.


Hi-tech controls take care of your heating systems monitoring temperature and seamlessly adjusting warmth, ventilation and air conditioning to create a comfortable atmosphere. A wireless control can be set up to manage just the radiators and hot water, or heating and cooling, lighting, security and blinds, all controlled from a single controller.


By automating your lighting, you can adjust the mood for a party, then wake up gently the morning after as the lighting comes on gradually to emulate the sun rising, and the blinds open automatically. Eclipse Smart Solutions can install a preset system so at the touch of a button all the lighting effects are perfectly set to suit daytime, early evening, late evening and night light. A one-room system controls four to six lighting circuits from a panel which can be inserted flush into the wall. For whole house systems, lighting circuits can be wired to a ‘rack’, with discreet control plates in every room. A centralised system would usually be linked with an audio visual and security system.


Having built your new home, a great way to protect it is by using advanced technology, rather than a comparatively old-fashioned bell alarm. Of the many options available for modern security systems, the most popular is CCTV, and there is a wide variety available. The latest systems can also include infrared lighting for night-time vision and external PA systems working alongside CCTV.

Monitoring devices can use phone lines, mobile networks and broadband connections to alert the authorities in the event of a disturbance giving you peace of mind that your new home is protected.

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Smart Homes Leeds

Smart Homes Leeds