Smart Homes Leeds

Smart Homes Leeds

Smart Technology for Your Existing Home

Eclipse Smart Solutions have dozens of great, smart solutions which improve the comfort, safety, security, convenience and efficiency of your existing home. We implement these solutions without the need for costly and disruptive wiring.

Your comfort, safety, security and convenience are all at the heart of the our solutions. Multi-room Audio and Visual systems, energy efficient lighting, power, central heating, CCTV cameras, gates, garages, garden sprinklers, doors and windows can all be intelligently controlled. You retain manual control of all your devices and significantly reduce energy consumption and save money.

Smart home solutions can all be installed individually from as little as £25 each.

Simple examples of how smart technology can help your daily life are:

 • Multi-Room Audio and Video Systems
 • Being able to watch your dog whilst you are at work
 • Check on your home's CCTV systems via your smart phone
 • Having the lights automatically come on in your house when it's dark and you arrive home
 • Making sure lights are turned off after a period of inactivity
 • Watering your plants when you're not around
 • Turning off a power socket when you've left the iron on and gone to work
 • Turning individual radiators off when the room they are in gets up to temperature
 • Getting a text message when a smoke alarm goes off in your house
 • Being able to switch all the lights in the home off when you go to bed with one switch

All Eclipse Smart Solutions are installed independently and can be grown over time to suit your budget and your requirements. We always focus our solutions on what matters most to you first.

For more information and for a site visit to discuss with you how we can help make your home more comfortable, safe, secure, convenient and efficient, contact us today by calling us on 0113 277 2077 or by completing the short form on this web page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Smart Homes Leeds

Smart Homes Leeds